Hello People!

We are officially open for business, while there are still some hiccups with regards to the physical shop opening up, rest assure RCI Toys has arrived


Here are some things that we would like you to know;

  • We are in the midst of securing our flagship store in Main Place, USJ 21.
  • Majority of our products are from Hong Kong and until the physical shop opens up, we have decided to not hold any inventory. Some of products will be arriving in May or June 2016.
  • Some of products will be arriving in either May or June 2016
  • A deposit will be required for any pre-orders. Currently the account to be banked in to will be my private account. We are in the midst of opening up a current account and we require them the tenancy agreement for the lot at Main Place.
  • Please do not hesitate to email us or call us at +60192488414 directly if there are any queries regarding any of our products.


Jan Ezra

RCI Toys

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